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Autumn Road
Two Roads diverged in yellow wood.
And I, I took the one less traveled by.
And that has made all of the
                 -The Road Not Taken
                          By: Robert Frost

Kathalina P.Thorpe

I am a 2nd year MFA Candidate at Kent State University in Ohio. My main focus for attending a graduate program is to develop my teaching pedagogy and cultivate mentorship and research. I have over 15 years of Theatre experience and enjoy sharing my passion for art and entertainment with others. I work closely within my community on a variety of community service projects and mentorship with special needs children. I am very dedicated to green research to improve waste reduction within the theater. My innovative and creative drive is one of the fun aspects of what it means to be me. Raising two children and one child with autism teaches me to evolve, overcome, and think outside the box. My kids are a huge part of my drive and my life. 

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